Custom Manufacturing in China

Carry out your project from the prototyping phase to large-scale production!

Do you want to have your own product designed?

You are an innovative company with a project, we can find manufacturers to make this project according to your technical requirements, from the prototyping phase to large-scale production.

Type of suppliers:

  • It is nice to deal with large factories because they are used to working with Western buyers but their prices are higher and they will require a minimum order volume.
  • You can have lower prices and smaller quantity orders with small factories but that will be at the expense of quality. Project management and deadlines are also very risky and mutual understanding difficult.
  • It is with medium-sized factories that we will have to turn to find a good value for money / minimum order / deadlines / project management.

You can very well venture into China and try to find success on your own but it’s safer to use the services of a reliable intermediary agent to verify the legitimacy of your future suppliers, to resolve the problems of understanding (language, culture…) and to negotiate for better prices.

Example of service:

  • to analyze the technical and financial constraints from the specifications,
  • to find the most serious qualified manufacturers capable of serving customer requirements,
  • to study technical specifications with the manufacturer and the customer,
  • to negotiate and to determine the terms of the subcontracting,to enforce the specifications and production deadlines,
  • to check the quality before the departure of the goods (directly or through the intervention of a third-party inspection company),
  • to supervise the restocking.
Manufacturing outsourcing to China