Sino-French Consulting Agency

Consulting for Chinese companies

Our team and our partners of lawyers and accountants cooperate to provide support services for your company establishment in France.
We have acquired a good reputation in the business world with Chinese companies. Our Sino-French professional team is committed to provide effective and quality advisory services. We are dedicated to help our Chinese compatriots to set up, invest and do business in France.

Our services

Creation, modification or closure of a company

Quickly create a company, change its address / its legal person, transfer shares, close and liquidate. We can also set up a legal business in your country of residence.

Registration of French and / or European brands

Companies registering brands in France in the cosmetic, fashion and many other sectors can considerably improve their brand image and their competitiveness: it is an essential step for your products to penetrate the French, European and world markets!

Visas, work permits and residence permits for Chinese companies sending their employees to France

As a non-salaried worker, you can:

  • Come to France for business as part of your commercial or professional businesses;
  • Settle down to create or participate in an non-salaried or liberal activity.

As a salaried worker, you can :

  • Be seconded by your employer to participate in a service;
  • Execute an intra-group mobility while remaining contractually attached to your employer as ICT (Intra Corporate Transferee) or under local contract with the French company that welcomes you;
  • Be recruited for a fixed or indefinite period by a French employer. This contract can be a seasonal contract;
  • Follow a professional internship in a training organization or a company.

Please note: Certain professions (doctors, teachers, etc.) require special conditions of practice.

Participation to the economic attractiveness of France through your salaried or self-employed activity as an “international talent” offers you facilities for settling with your family for long periods in France.

More favorable special provisions are applicable to young employees.

sources: france-visas.gouv.fr

set up in France







在法国注册化妆品、服装等产品的品牌可以很大程度提升品牌形象与竞争力, 是您的产品进军法国,欧洲及全球市场不可或缺的一步!


在法国从事商务活动根据不同的情况,如: 是否领取薪酬、从事的工作性质以及逗留的期限,而须遵守相应的申请程序和规定。

作为非雇员(自雇人士) ,您可以:

  • 在业务或商业关系或职业框架范围内前来法国开展商务活动;
  • 为了创办或参与非受薪 (自雇) 工作或自由职业而在法国定居。


  • 受雇主派遣来参与某一服务项目;
  • 进行集团内部调动, 与雇主保持合约关系,作为集团内部调动 (ICT) 同时与接待您的法国企业签订一份当地附属合同;
  • 受雇于法国雇主并与其签署了有限期 ( CDD ) 或无限期工作合同 ( CDI )。该合同可以是季节性合同;
  • 在某家培训机构或企业内部,参加职业实习。