Sourcing agent in China

Do you want to find a reliable source of supply at the best value for money?

To buy in China by limiting the risks

You faced bad situations in your purchasing process in China (fake suppliers, fraud, recurring communication problems, random quality…) ?

Whether you would like to find suppliers by yourself at a prospecting business trip or that you would rely on us to do it, our processes are the same, namely:

  • BEFORE: reliability survey on the Chinese supplier,
  • DURING: monitoring the manufacturing quality and compliance with the specifications,
  • AFTER: internal quality control or third-party inspection (Dekra…)

Import agent

Our sourcing agency in China can help you to outsource your procurement function by selecting reliable suppliers that can meet your requirements in terms of quality and prices.

Our services are customizable and we assist you throughout the purchase process until the departure of your goods and for future restocking.

We can also help you to make your products in China from scratch (adaptation, prototyping…) according to your specifications. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us .

Sourcing fournisseurs en Chine
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